Meet Joe Sullivan

I live in Mankato with my wife Kara and our two daughters, Rosemary and Vera. Kara is a pediatrician and Rosie and Vera go to school in Mankato. In our community we have great schools, a strong agricultural foundation, jobs and business opportunities, great parks, and a spirit of getting stuff done.

I’m running because I have been working for Southern Minnesota my entire career. As a lawyer and advocate at Flaherty & Hood I represented communities throughout the First District to make sure they had the resources and tools they need to keep property taxes low but maintain essential services like police and fire. I have worked to make sure our communities have adequate funding for roads and bridges and wastewater treatment.

As the policy manager at Wind on the Wires I worked to bring more wind and solar to Southern Minnesota. The policies we pursued supported the more than 1000 people who now work for the wind industry throughout the First District. And now most recently at the Center for Energy & Environment I work to make sure Southern Minnesotans have access to clean energy and keep more of their hard-earned money for their own personal or business budgets.

My career has been focused on giving the people and communities of the First Congressional district the tools and resources they need to be successful.

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