Let’s Take Our Country Back

“I’m tired of living outrage to outrage under Donald Trump –  because while Trump name calls and distracts the problems of Southern Minnesota families aren’t going away.  We need more affordable health care for everyone, more job opportunities, higher wages, and better schools for our kids. That’s why I’m running for Congress. We need to take our country back and focus on what matters most.” – Joe Sullivan

Meet Joe Sullivan

Joe lives in Mankato with his wife Kara and their two daughters, Rosemary and Vera. Kara is a pediatrician and Rosie and Vera go to school in Mankato. Joe is running for Congress in Minnesota’s First District because he believes we need to take our country back and focus on what matters most.

Joe has been working for Southern Minnesota his entire career. As a lawyer and advocate Joe represented communities throughout the First District to make sure they had the resources and tools they needed to keep property taxes low but maintain essential services like police and fire. Joe worked to make sure our communities have adequate funding for roads and bridges and wastewater treatment.

As the policy manager at Wind on the Wires Joe worked to bring more wind and solar to Southern Minnesota. The policies he pursued supported the more than 1,000 people who now work for the wind industry throughout southern Minnesota. And now most recently at the Center for Energy & Environment Joe works to make sure Southern Minnesotans have access to clean energy and keep more of their hard-earned money for their own personal or business budgets.

Joe’s career has been focused on giving the people and communities of the First District the tools and resources they need to be successful but much more needs to be done. In Congress, Joe will stand up to Donald Trump and work to get things done for Southern Minnesota.  In Congress, Joe will work to:

* Create new jobs and lift wages in Southern Minnesota.
* Fight to enact medicare for all – so that everyone has access to affordable health care.
* Strongly support our rural communities and expand support for our agriculture industry
* Push for a new federal infrastructure bill to improve Southern Minnesota’s roads, bridges, wastewater facilities, and expand broadband internet.
* Protect workers’ rights and support organized labor
* Increase investment in our schools
* Expand our use of renewable energy
* Create new opportunities for our kids to stay in Southern Minnesota