IUOE Local 49

“Your focus on rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure is critically important. Our outdated waste water treatment facilities in rural Minnesota are preventing cities and counties from attracting good paying manufacturing jobs.  We haven’t significantly invested in our roads and bridges in decades costing our citizens their lives on outdated roads like Highway 14, stifling economic growth throughout the first district.  You are talking about these issues, and intend to do something about them in Congress, and we strongly support your efforts”

-Jason George, Legislative Director – IUOE Local 49

League of Conservation Voters

“Joe Sullivan is an outstanding candidate who will always fight for the people and environment of Southern Minnesota. His impressive efforts in advancing clean energy solutions will allow him to hit the ground running in Congress to help in tackling the climate crisis and create new jobs, and we’re thrilled to endorse his campaign.”

-Tiernan Sittenfeld, Action Fund Senior Vice President of Government Affairs – League of Conservation Voters

Iron Workers Local 512

“Iron Workers are known for building bridges, schools, rail lines, powerhouses, stadiums, and skyscrapers. We build safely and skillfully, while training the next generation of ironworkers through our state-registered apprenticeship programs and bargaining collectively with our contractors to protect our members’ rights to fair wages, safe conditions, healthcare, and retirement security.

Through working together with candidates seeking elected office and those already serving, we can better achieve the goal of building and bettering our communities. We believe our goals align and are proud to endorse your candidacy.”

Barry Davies – Business Manager – Iron Workers Local 512

Rep. Jack Considine

“I have gotten to know Joe and his wife Kara and their family over the last couple years. They have shown me how committed they are to Mankato, Southern Minnesota, and our DFL values of respect, hard work, and civility. It is for these reasons I am pleased to support Joe Sullivan for Congress.”

– Rep. Jack Considine, DFL 19B