On The Issues

Health Care

The Affordable Care Act has done a lot of good throughout the district and the country but the shortfalls are unacceptable. I fully support improving the Affordable Care Act with a specific focus on rural communities. Many of our neighbors are left with only one or two options to buy health care. I fully support a strong medicare buy-in that is available for everyone in the United States as a pathway to universal and affordable coverage. I will go to Washington to ensure that our rural communities aren’t left behind in our Health Care debates.


I believe that the one of the best investments we can make is infrastructure. Investing in roads, bridges, transit and broadband can help everyone throughout the district. With improved infrastructure both businesses and individuals will be able to live and work more effectively.

Clean Energy

I have spent my entire career working with Wind and Solar companies throughout southern Minnesota. The First District currently produces the 10th most wind power in the country. Renewable energy brings good paying jobs back to our small communities and provides a strong economic boost to our region. As your congressman, I will bring my expertise to Washington and bring new, good paying jobs to the First District by expanding renewable energy sources.


Agriculture is the backbone of our society and a crucial part of our culture here in the First District. As your congressman, I will respect the importance of agriculture and be a strong advocate for our farmers. I will fight to ensure that our agricultural communities aren’t forgotten.

College Affordability

College debt has skyrocketed over the years and has overtaken credit card debt as the largest type of consumer debt in the United States. Saddling our youth with this amount of debt prevents them from living full and productive lives. We need to explore all possible solutions to reducing the cost of college and relieving our young people of this debt.


I believe that there is no greater investment that we can make than in our children. We must step up and ensure that all children in the First District have access to a quality education. I am proud of Minnesota schools but I know that we can do better. When I am serving you in Washington – I will fight so that every one of our Children receives the quality education they deserve.

Climate Change

Climate change is real, it is man made and we must focus on reversing the effects. Climate change is both a national security issue and a domestic issue. By addressing man made climate change, we will create thousands of new jobs in the district and support the more than 5800 jobs in clean energy that are already here. We must find a solution to end man made climate change not just for us, but for our children and grandchildren.