Sullivan Challenges Hagedorn and Nelson To Join Him In Opposing Tax Reform Bill Put Forth By Republicans

The following is a statement from Joe Sullivan, Democratic Candidate for the First Congressional District on the newly released Republican tax reform bill. Given the obvious risks it poses to the people of Southern Minnesota, Sullivan challenged his Republican opponents to join him in opposing the bill.

“Today, the U.S House GOP released their much anticipated tax reform bill. Rather than provide much needed tax relief for middle class and working families, the bill focuses on  gimmicky ways to provide massive tax breaks to the already wealthy.

At a time when our middle class is being crushed by a system that many feel is rigged against them it is appalling that Paul Ryan and the Republicans in Congress would put the well being of the wealthy over the needs of the hardworking people of Southern Minnesota who are just seeking a fair shake.

By slashing funding to Medicare, Pell Grants and Medical Research, it is clear that this budget was not created with the people of Southern Minnesota in mind. As such, I call on Jim Hagedorn and Sen. Nelson to join me in doing what is best for the people of Minnesota’s First Congressional District by standing up in opposition to this bill.

Joe Sullivan lives in Mankato with his wife Kara, and his two daughters. In the last fundraising quarter, he easily outraised each of his DFL opponents among Minnesota donors.

MORE INFO: For updates on any response received from the Hagadorn and Nelson campaigns, or to set up an interview with Joe Sullivan, please contact Nate Dybvig at or 651.230.3018

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